Friday, October 01, 2004

Joss Stone is this Daddy's girl

Just got back from the Kmart where I purchased the latest Joss Stone CD, mind, body and soul.
She co-wrote the first ten songs. Most are excellent, a few like"Security" are repetitous of the previous cuts. But along with the great legend, Betty Wright and equal, Angie Stone, there are some awesome songs. The first cut,"Right to be Wrong" kicks ass and sets the pace for the rest of the release.

Joss has that voice that just doesn't quit. She is Janis Joplin reincarnated, only better, refined, yet with this structured rawness. She effortlessly belts out lyrics that are meaningful, far beyond her 17 years.

There are some fantastic lyrics sprinkled throughout her songs. "TORN AND Tattered" is a great example. "SIck of singing living my life singing the same old song." This girl sings from the heart and she means every word of it. She makes Betty Wright's lyrics come to life.

"Young AT Heart" is an effort that brings Joss back to her current life, as a young girl trying to find what love is. Such lyrics as "Whenever I'm lonely he is the only one I miss." shows a young girl who has a crush and is love sick for her man. THose are meaningful lyrics and can really hit home.

I haven't been floored by a singer in a very long time. I love singers who belt a tune, straight from the heart. She is in the mold of Linda Ronstadt and Dusty Springfield and should have a long and creative career.

So give Joss a chance. She is worth the time. Savoy this voice. She'll soon become your favorite, too.

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Anonymous said...

I can't stop playing this CD. Joss is one cool chick.
She sings from the heart. That crying guitar background accompanies her sultry voice. She doesn't ever overpower a song, she just makes it her own. Sit back and enjoy this treasure.
I agree with your assessment. This is one great CD.