Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Manhunt: The Sweet Sixteen

The producers of "Manhunt" wasted no time cutting out 14 guys. And what a shame.
Some of these dudes were very hot. But apparently, were judged to not have that look, whatever that is.

Let's go to the videotape. The first shots of the guys lay the ground work for the show. We're shown how the auditions came about, and how the lucky 30 were chosen. They meet their host, Carmen Electra, who is ok, but sometimes really dense. I would rather have had a daddy master, but this isn't my show. How that would have shaken up some of these guys.

So within the first fifteen minutes, 10 guys are gone. You see glimpses of them, and quickly are told their first names. Anyway, the 20 remaining are kinda shocked about what just happened, and the on camera comments begin.

When they regroup, the audience is introduced to each one individually, Kevin Olson, 25, construction worker, Tate Arnett, fitness consultant, ( there are several fitness trainers in the group), Brian Bernie, waiter, Rob Williams, law student, Casey Ward, personal trainer, Matthew Lauter, the "baby" of the group, student; John Stallings, clerk, Ron Brown, the openly gay sales clerk, Seth Whaler and Jason Pruitt, also Jon Josson, an astro physics student (several are selected to try to disprove the stereotype, all brawn, no brains), Micah La Certe, personal trainer, Blake Peyrot, student, Hunter Daniel, lifeguard, Paulo Rodraiguez, who was a size 38, down to size 32 waist, Maurice Townell, salesman, Brett Deprue, ex Mormon minister, ex Chippendale dancer, now Las Vegas real estate agent; Sean Russell, student, Corey Weeks, steak house host, and Keven Peake, club promoter and odds on favorite, who is creating jealousy among some of the contestants.

Of course with these types of shows, the guys are taken to a remote location. Here an airstrip. There they meet Bruce, former model and their so called den dad. Bruce has the makings of a hot daddy, but takes this boot camp stuff a little too over the edge, and he seems like a bad drill instructor in a bad gay porn flick. He needs more acting lessons.

He explains that he will be eliminating four of them and calls out the first four names. All are shocked when the four guys names are called out. Then the first of many twists. He says that these guys will stay along with the rest of the names he calls out. Four will go home.

Like the rest of these shows, the camera's close in as the guys are selected and the remaining guys pace, fret, and sweat. At the end of this so called torture, Brian, Sean, Micah and Casey Ward are eliminated. Micah, who I had picked, is steamed, so are the others.

Then the guys are told to strip down, and Bruce gives them the first over. After some critiquing, they each are given Calvin knit boxers. You next see them walking down the airstrip in their CK's. So it seems natural that the next scene shows them tandem skydiving in their CK boxers. This could be a porn flick, but I digress. After that excitement, they are put through their paces, modeling expressions. Here Bruce is again critiquing them. As a parting gift as they head back to their digs, they each are given their very own modeling bag, complete with CK undershirts, RayBan aviators, Nair for Men and hair products.
The next scene shows them at an Armani Exchange, AX store, where they each select their outfits. This shows Kevin Peake being more of a pain in the ass. Anyway, some of the guys notice his moves. He's there to impress. He wants this really bad.
After getting their clothes, they return to their home base hotel, where they get dressed for some partying. This is pretty lame, along with the 1 am curfew and the staging of the ending scene.

Two females are sneeked into the model's sleeping area. They are in the large bathroom area. Bruce announces curfew and that no women are to be present. They are caught on camera, and the cliffhanger, who are the models in the bathroom with the models. Yet another twist is reavealed. One of the contestants is really a model and a spy. Big woop. So that guy is planted to report back to the judges. This episode ends with cumming attractions. Which guys are getting on with the females? The guys have a rooftop shoot and accusations flare which may jeopardize the rest of the series. Oh my!!! Stay tuned.

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Thanks for the summary. I feel all caught up and ready to watch tonight. WOOOF.