Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Gentle Ramblings

This blogging thing is really cool. I find myself composing thoughts in my mind for my next blog while I'm working out, showering, and driving. What I think about, depends on the situation.

When I'm showering, I think about sex. I'm soaping up my ass and cock and thinking: "What about writing about types of lubricants or two shower heads or climaxing?"

When I'm working out, various themes come to mind. How about focusing about a specific body part to concentrate on. Guys like to develop their pecs, tone their abs, develop their thighs. Since I am a dedicated weight trainer, I know I can help guys with their workout routines.

When I'm driving, I think about relationships, why they start, why they change, why they dissolve. I'm always driven to the "we" factor. Guys may hook up to have sex, but what gay men want most is stability. That comes with commitment. Having that hunky chest to snuggle up to, making "we" decisions, coupling; well that's something that quite doesn't come naturally. We all know the mechanics of sex, but sometimes never figure out the workings of a relationship.

Sometimes I wish we all came with an owner's manual. Somehow that would make life easier. But it would sure take the fun out of spontaneity, exploring the unknown, and trial and error. We humans are a flawed species. We learn from experience. That's why I'm here, to share my experience.

I blog, therefore I am.

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