Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Beef! Pork! Chicken! It's a matter of taste.

So what's on your plate tonight?

You have your preferences. It's hump day and you got the urge to get laid.

But you are graving for something satisfying. Someone who will feed that hunger.

You're very oral. So what makes your mouth water?

You're probably a pork guy. You like your man well hung and carrying that extra something.
Sex for you is sucking and getting fucked. You like "the other white meat" because it is both filling and desirable. There's always a supply, but not always fresh. But beggers can't be choosy.

Other guys crave for chicken. I, for one, could never understand that. Even when I was chicken, I would hate the advances of older guys. Chicken hawks are very discriminate in their tastes, I have observed. This can't be good, and these guys have a fetish that can consume them, leading to paid sex, one night stands, and that craving for guys always younger, way younger, than they are. I'm here not to judge and I'm not getting into the pedofile shit. That's just dam wrong and a part of the gay rainbow that is tainted. But these guys are part of our club,always have, always will.

I, myself, like beef. It's what's for dinner tonight. Firm pecs, nice cheek butts, pumped biceps.
These are turn-ons for me. But I wouldn't starve if I didn't find a particular cut. I like mine sauteed with some nice fur. And never marinated in colonge or cigar smells. I respect guys who require these garnishments. But for me, some beef, tender and juicy, gets me started.

So guys, explore your palet. You might like variety, but then, you have your standbys.
You are what you eat. But do so in moderation and remember to always wear that bib. Juices are meant to be contained. After all, top men, you are filling your partner's inner sanctum, not screwing a beast. We won't get into that here.

Enjoy and bon appetit.

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Anonymous said...

I'll take seconds. WOOOF