Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Curious minds want to know: "Is he or isn't he @#$%?

Is he or isn't he my type? How many times have you that? What's this anyway about type?
I can find a least one good attribute about any guy. So do you have to have this so called, ideal package? Fuck no.
Guys, keep it simple. After all, everyone else is judging you by type as well.

Is he or isn't he good in bed? Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Some guys like their facial hair full of creamy cum. That can't always be the case. So you'll have to lure him into your bed, and find out. If he is a "dripper", then you better get prepared with a large box of tissues by the bed.

Is he or isn't he endowed like a flagpole? If that's what you're looking for, your throat better be as long as the Holland Tunnel. Can you take all of that man meat shoved down your throat? Sometimes, more isn't always better.

Is he or isn't he a size queen? Now the shoe, so to speak, is on the other foot. Maybe your shlong isn't long enough for him. He loves dildos, the bigger the better. Better learn how to fist fuck.

Is he or isn't he interested in you? Guys can be cruised anywhere. My favorite is the subway. You got to be discrete, but showing interested. If you work out and have great pecs, just flex them. Be sure that you are wearing a lycra undershirt and start flexing. Flexing your pecs will signal your interest. If he begins staring at you, make the next move to reel him in.

Is he or isn't he compatible? Hard question to answer. Kind of the age old question for gay men. This subject is enough for a separate blog. I've written before that you got to seek common ground and build from there. There is no thing as instant compatibility. If you are the paranoid kind, you will find soon enough differences between you. If you are the perfectionist, then no man is good enough for you. Pity you.

Is he or isn't he the real thing? This also is a subject for a future blog. Honesty is the cornerstone of any relationship.
Keeping secrets, concealing extra baggage, won't win his heart. More about this another time.

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