Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Apprentice Boy: First Exposure

As we last met our 20 boys, they were getting acquainted. They were next assigned to a group, either Team Shackle or Team Gaunlet.

Let's spy on each team and see what the fuck's going on.

Team Shackle seems structured and is trying to develop a business plan to get their "BoyonCall" service operational. They each want to please Daddy by exposing their business skills. Already a few of the boys are getting into the planning. I see Derrick by himself in the corner, more concerned with matters in hand than staying focused and contributing to the group,.

Likewise Team Gauntlet is making sure it can get its plan for the Romper Dungle dungeons beyond paper. Some of the guys, especially Doug, are letting pettiness get into the way. Doug feels that a architectual 3D mock up of the dungle be constructed. He sees apathy in some of the boys and wants to get this project started. He feels that by building the mockup that the group will be judged better equiped later on to carry out their business plan. They will have to present it to a panel of financial investors to seek funding. They are vying for limited resources and Doug feels that their plan should be in the advanced stages of development before they make their presentation.

So the two teams are going about their assignments in different ways. Will Derrick and Doug be given the boot by their fellow boytoys for different reasons? Is Derrick too self centered to be of any use to Team Shackle further down the road? Is Doug taking too much authority and causing resentment among his team members? Who do you think should be given the boot? Stay tuned to find out what develops.

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