Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Manhunt: The Shakedown

So Kevin Peake is the embedded model. Big shit. I wish one of the guys wipes that shitty grin off his face.

If you get any of the International Male catalogs, his mug is on the last issue, modeling a grey knit boxer. You might not recognize him. It must have been an old photo shoot. He didn't have the set of pecs he has now. But that grin is undenialably his. That's why he mentioned during his "outing" that he had been second runner-up in an IM modeling competition.

Anyway, 4 guys were eliminated, not before some hijinks involving Peake and Tate. More high drama than fucking. Sluts are sluts, whatever sex you are.

Three rooftop photoshots were set up. Most of the guys were set up for the first one.
The "model" du jour was Marisa Miller. I never heard of her, but after all, she won't interest me.

Another set of guys lined up to have Marisa lie in their laps. Big thrill. Anyway Blake and Casey were shown the shaft for their photos did not make the grade according to the judges.

From the first photoshot setup, John Stallings and Brett D were told that they didn't have it.

Really no loss here. Hoping 4 more go home next week as well as someone ramming a hot rod up Peake's ass. He'd probably like that, so never mind.

I hope that the producers stop with the overkill and keep it on the models, and definitely show more skin.

They are trying hard not to make it too gay. But if they do that, they will be alienating both target groups: women and gay men. Maybe "He's a Lady" will feature men more like us.
Will keep you posted.

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