Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Blind Dating: It's not an act of desperation.

We've all gone on blind dates. We think the internet has, somehow, eliminidated the pitfalls of blinddating. To the contrary. We might know what the other guy may look like at some point in time, but it's barely an improvement over the days of personals and being matched up by friends.

Today, it seems that even more is at stake. So how does a guy who wants to hook up with other guys, yeah, for a possible relationship, wade through this mess.

A popular internet hook-up site is manhunt.net. You can definitely get action there and meet local/area guys. Again it relies on the honor system, and that, is something that goes with the territory. Lying before a first date should be clear to everyone is either an accepted norm or the number one reason for dropping this guy before the after dinner coffee gets cold.

The Number One rule for such partner exploration is always to meet at a public, neutral site. If the meeting goes well, then you too can take that next step. But if it doesn't, then you have an excape route.

The lie is so deceitful, that you feel ambushed as you begin to put together the pieces.
I found myself doing the blind date thing when I first moved into a new area. It seems like the right course to take. The bars are fine, but the probability of cruising is limited in scope.
So you can find more guys faster through the net. Never, never, go into this with eyes wide shut. You can get stung.

I can remember several bad blind dates. But the one that sticks out most, is the one that I had where the guy said that he was in his early 40's. I had a photo of him, but I will never figure out, where he got it. This guy had the road map of China printed on his face. This guy was so old that he was beyond his expiration date. Talk about day old buns, make his fossils.

How could anyone be so deceitful? Well, once a liar, always a liar. With so much going on first impressions, gay guys seem like peacocks. Yea, we want cock, but we want it connected to a pleasing package. Again, you am, what you am. Lies have a way of catching up with you. So beaware of the scam artists, and never lower yourself to such depths.

Take these bad blind dates as life experiences. But don't let this shit frustrate you. As I have always said, make the most of a bad situation. But first get your own house in order. Once you got that done, then expand your horizons. That special guy is out there, even if you have to encounter some very ugly toads along the way to finding your prince charming.

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