Friday, October 15, 2004

Biggest Pet Peeve I have is anyone questioning why we are queer

If you watched the debate the other night, one question that caught my attention was why we are queer. This question seems to always surface.
I guess it continues to be debated because for some in society, they would rather have us stay in our emotional closet and never live out our lives.
We are because we are. We weren't kidnaped into a secret cult. We weren't brainwashed. We are born queer and that, sir are the facts.
Would I change my sexual preference? Never, even if it was offered. Because that would change me. I am who I am, and I have made the best out of a great situation.
We are unique in the human kingdom because we have traits of both sexes. We can take better care of ourselves than heteros because we have this 6th sense. We are better prepared for life's challenges. It's when we focus too much on one part of our lives that we become limited and weaker.
I want you today to celebrate your gift. Do something queer that pleases you. Give as many muscle bear hugs as you can. If you are in a relationship, please your partner like it is your last sexual experience on earth. If you are looking for true love, then put forth your absolute best effort and go for it. If you are in the closet, come out and enjoy the experience, but do it on your own terms, not someone elses.
So the next time you hear this question, you may want to answer, "This is who I am, and what fuckin right do you have to judge me." You'll feel better for it.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! I love my gayness, and everyone else that does not can just fuck off.