Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dance Floor Attitude-The Leather Circuit

We gay men love to party. And where better a way to get to know other musclebears is the party circuit.

I've been to several over the years. The Black and Blue Leather Ball in Montreal is the premier leather themed circuit party. But there are others which don't necessarily cater to leathermen.

You can find most of them on http://www.partylist.com as well as http://www.thecircuitdog.com

Ones I also enjoy are Mr. Leatherman in Toronto, CA held on Thanksgiving Weekend, Southern Decedance in the Big Easy, and the MidAtlantic Leather Weekend held annually on Dr. Kings Birthday weekend. This is the big feeder for Mr. IML. And IML, on Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, is the granddaddy of leather circuit party weekends. WOOF

These are hot places to meet hot men. But it seems that some guys don't know their places when they get on the dance floor. Be ware of the jealous queens. I hate to see deliberate crowding out on the dance floor. This kind of attitude just sucks big time.

Why do guys bring their attitude to these events? Mainly, if they aren't having a good time, they try to ruin it for other guys. Somehow I wish these guys would check their bad attitude at the front door upon arriving.

The thrill of going to these events is the rush when you finally get up to the doorman and get in.
You feel a rush after all the anticipation.

The ritual we all have is heading for the checkroom, then to the men's room, then to the bar, and then to the dance floor to check out the action. About an hour into it, we're on the dance floor, shirts off, and dancing our hearts out.

So next time you run into a queen who doesn't want to back off and is jabbing your ribs with his far flung elbows, just grab him by the neck and give him one of your "Don't Fuck with Me, Sir" looks. You'll be doing yourself and the rest of the guys who are there to party a very big favor.

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Scott said...

You know, there is nothing hotter then a group of hot musclebears (or hot leather musclebears) shaking their groove thing on the dance floor. WOOF!