Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What is best about the same sex?

Funny you should ask that. Just because we are most familiar with our male bodies, doesn't mean that we know everything there is to know about our male lover, partner, friend, fuck buddy, slave.

I feel that I can find at least one great attribute about another guy. Be it his warm smile, eyes, great bod, sweet cheeks (all four of them), hands, legs, sexy forehead, whatever. But besides the superficial, there are traits that I feel certain guys have. If they are a great listener and can carry a conversation, then that is a great attribute. This might sound biased but I have always found furry faced guys to be better listeners. Also facial hair brings out something about the quality of kissing. It feels much better with a cushion of fuzz.

So we got the same plumbing. That seems what binds us. And maybe for the better. Who can fuck better, kiss better, give a better blow job? Guys know what other guys feel. We should be thankful for that.

So next time you see a guy who you don't know, give him a quick lookover, and decide, what is his best feature. You will find something to like. Whatever beast lies inside, will be something you'll have to explore another time.

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