Thursday, October 07, 2004

FlipFlopping: The Big Switch

I'm a member of Tribe, and a few of the recent postings on the WOOF tribe have dealt with role reversal and true tops.

Some guys like to leave their options open. They may identify themselves as 90 percent top or 50 percent active. I'm guessing that these guys like to work both sides of the fence, so to speak.

I guess some guys can be versatile , but are they really good at it. There comes a time when you just got to decide what role you prefer.

While it may depend on the moment, a true top is always active, period. There are no grey areas. For me, if I was passive, upon penetration, I would lose it completely. No hardon, no sex drive.

But when I'm ready to fuck, I'm ready. There's no doubt about it, I'm a top.

But for those guys who like variety, then by all means explore both views. Maybe someone who tops occasionally can really be a great bottom because he knows what's it's like being the dominant.

If it is true that true tops are in short supply, then any bottoms who can rise to the occasions as tops are most welcomed.

Maybe role reversal is not such a bad thing, given the moment. If you can switch your role playing on and off, by all means, continue.

We top daddies are in short supply and the more of us, the better it is for bottoms .

Just keep it safe and hot and your bottom will be cumming back for more and more.

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Anonymous said...

I, myself, feel that you assume the role you're best suited for and enjoy. I'm a top daddy and enjoy that role very much. My rule, a top man for every bottom guy. Sounds like a perfect match.