Monday, October 18, 2004


You've got tickets to your college homecoming weekend. You're in your twenties and found love. You might not have been out to your college friends. You would like to see them again, but this time, you are a couple. You have reservations about what to do.

You must bring the boyfriend and if you have to explain to the dense, you do so. Other wise you introduce your boyfriend as your partner, and read their faces and listen to their tone of voice. If they were your friends before, they will still be your friends after that.

I like homecoming. I wasn't active on campus and didn't have a circle of friends. But I enjoyed college life. Having gone to college exposed me to who I am. It gave me the intellect to sort things out and feel comfortable as a queer man. So I have to thank the college experience for helping ease the transition.

So look at those tight buns as the quarterback tries to connect with his wide receiver down field. Enhale the excitment of the game and the ceremony, the events, the parties. Hold your partners hhand and be thankful for the moment. It's one of life's many cherish moments. Experience and enjoy.

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