Friday, October 08, 2004

Manwich, when you got a hankering for prime beef

So you're done eating, but you're still not satisfied.

What's a growing guy to do. Order in a Manwich.

Manwichs cum with all kinds of condiments and are prepared to order.

It's better than homecooking and so tasty, too.

Take one hot hairy musclebear daddy, booted and some leather accessories, add
one hot hairy bottom musclecub, and place yourself in the middle.

Let the muscle daddy insert his pickle for flavor, and have the musclecub serve up a big helping of hot jizz in your mouth.

Savor the moment and order more to go. Take outs are available upon request.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Talk about a triple decker!!! Manwich satisfies our manly hunger. Guys, try it. You'll fuckin love it.
WOOOF. And for starters, try a big old muscle bear hug to get things started.