Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Apprentice Boy: Meet the Slaves

In the previous entry, you read the concept of the Apprentice Boy competition. Two legions, now identified as Team Shackle and Team Gauntlet will be each developing a business plan which Daddy must decide to pursue. The competing businesses are Boy OnCall and Romper Dungle.

The two legions, each with 10 slaves have been chosen. Here are the boys:

Team Shackle pitching the "Boy OnCall"

Pierce- a 22 year old college grad, blond, bb, 5'11", 170 #
Chad- a 21 year old bartender, brown, green, 5'6", 140#
Derrick- a26 yo admin assist, drk blond, brwn, 5'8", 155#
Tad-a 24 yo retail clerk, brown,bb, 5'9", 160#
Eric-a27 yo analyst, chestnut brn, brwn, 5'10",165#
Bryan a 29 yo construction worker, blond, bb, 6'0", 185#
Roger, a 24 yo tradesman, drk brwn, brwn, 5'11", 175#
Rick, a 22yo sales rep, blond, bb, 6'1", 190 #
Zack, a 23 yo trucker, brwn, brwn 5'7", 160#
Greg, a 25 yo delivery man, blond, bb, 5'9", 162#

Team Gauntlet pitching the "Romper Dungle"

Quinn, a 27yo engineer, drk brown, green, 5'11", 178#
Doug, a 21 yo college student, blond, bb, 5'5", 145#
Eddy, a 28 yo personal trainer, brown, bb, 5'10", 170#
Shawn, a 29 yo stock broker, drk brown, brown, 5'11" 180#
Paul, a 26 yo hotel asst mgr, brown, green, 5'10" 175 #
Hank, a 25 yo electrician, drk brown, brown, 5'9", 160#
Jaimie, a 21 yo lockerroom attendant, blond, bb, 5'8", 155#
Chris, a 22 yo sales rep, brown, green, 5'10", 170#
Dean, a 28 yo architect, drk brown, blue, 5'9" 160#
Ian, a 23 yo analyst, blond, blue, 5'11", 170#

There are the slaves. WOOOOF. These guys are determined to eliimately please Daddy with their winning presentation. But how well do they work together? Will there be boy bonding? Stay tuned. Daddy is watching.

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Anonymous said...

Shawn sounds like a stud. Would make this Daddy proud.