Monday, September 13, 2004

Making passes at guys with tight asses

We top guys are ass men, pure and simple. We have this butt cheek fetish and we like to explore the possibilities every chance we get.

But sometimes we have been fooled. Fooled by guys wearing those padded briefs. Fooled by the lifting of a jock strap.
Even fooled by other top guys. Geez, why is it that top guys have the hottest asses? Maybe it's all the pumping action we do that keeps our buttocks nice and firm, squeezably soft.

Let's keep this in perspective, guys. In a bar, we may walk up to our guy after giving his tush the once over, and say, "Howdy, you got a nice ass." He'll probably blush, all four cheeks and say, "thanks". If we've known the guy from past introductions, we'd probably grab his ass as a gesture of greeting. DON'T DO THIS, unless you already know the guy.

In hind sight, the ass is both functional and pure pleasure. Some guys just love to munch at it. That's how we top men get to enjoy some of what bottom guys feel in foreplay. Some of us top guys are into ass foreplay, others just want to shove our dicks in and start the motion. Again, it's all how you handle the situation. And something that I only do with permission, is the ass slap. Some guys get into it, while others are turned off. Learn what your partner likes and doesn't like. Don't ever continue a scene that he doesn't like. We top men are in the business of providing pleasure to our bottoms. Our foremost responsibility is to provide safe, sane pleasure.

So the next time a cute pair of buns passes you by, by all means compliment the guy. Doing this the right way may lead to exploring that butt crack in the future. And who knows, it may lead to a wonderful, long lasting relationship.

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Anonymous said...

Guys with tight asses do get their buns patted and squeezed often. Seeing a nice pair of malebuns walking ahead of you is a pleasure to the eye and to your dirty mind.
However watch where you are going. Rear views can be distracting and you may find yourself awkwardly plowing into someone as you follow that hot ass.