Sunday, September 12, 2004

Committment or The Path of Least Resistance

It's the morning after. You are sleeping with someone you met last night, either at the Rodeo dance, a pickup at the local bar, a circuit party, whatever. After some none stop sex, you both lay back and fall asleep. You wake up later, usually first.
You look over at him, sleeping. Is he your life partner or just another one-night stand?

The sex is always good. But will breakfast decide if you will call him later? You got to make a decision. You've made this dozens, even hundreds of times. Are you a slut or some guy who just can't commit?

You can't even remain loyal to a brand of toothpaste, yet alone another man. What's wrong with you? Always sampling the candy but after a bite, putting the candy back in the box. You got problems. You think that there is someone always better out there. But do you really know what you want?

Well, guys, if you find yourself in this situation, it's time for some self assessment. What do you think you offer that's such a precious commodity? Are you of the mindset that it is better to reject first, than be rejected?

Following that logic, you are leading yourself down the path of becoming a tired old queen. So you're in your thirties or early forties. Life is good. Great pecs, you are aging well. Your cock just doesn't know when to stop. You're hot shit, so it seems. You can get about just any guy and add him to your list of conquests. But can this last? When do you become old meat instead of prime beef? Sometimes this just creeps up when you least expect it. You got to have a life plan.

Do you want to be with a hot guy to share your life with? If you do you got to both compromise and set your goals. List what is hot about you, your strengths. You are a top man, already the odds are better for you. But is sex your only goal, how about love, affection, companionship. These are other pleasures you may now want. So how do you achieve the best, wanting it all?

You give of yourself, and therefore you receive. As I have said before, "IT"S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT "ME", IT"S GOT TO BE ABOUT "WE"." You have to make choices or face a life alone. Can you face yourself if you have to start paying for sex. Don't let it cum to that. Take charge of your life. Be the best you can be. Sure, you still want to inspect the merchandise. But don't be so choosy. We all got flaws. Seek out a life partner that compliments your strengths and improves upon your weaknesses.

When you find that special guy, court him. Dating is the fun, unchartered course of the beginnings of a true, lasting relationship. Maybe licking ice cream off his cock laying on your kitchen island gets him off, maybe Redi Whip doesn't. Do the crazy and the unexpected. You're find yourself growing in love with him. Sure there is love at first sight, but there is also lasting love. You won't disappoint yourself if you make the committment. But making that first move, is up to you.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Guys who routinely say after that first encounter that they will call, but never do, are scum. They falsely lead a guy on. They can't commit, even with a call. When a guy does this, he makes the other guy feel rejected. This is not good.
Routinely doing this can lead to a guy giving up. It's better to not say anything, than to say that you will call, knowing full well that you won't.