Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Separating the men from the boys: Keeping your lid on

For more than a generation, gay men have lived in the age of AIDS. We all know what that feels like. We all know the causes and how to protect ourselves and those who we engage in sex. Still there are some of us who would like to ignore the dangers of unprotected sex.

Most of you belong to various Yahoo and MSN groups which cater to gay men. It is a really cool way to hook up with guys, post erotic images to the group and have some fun on the net. The world becomes so much closer living on the net.

Some major discussion is taking place about barebacking. It continues to divide the gay male community. And should it?
Most definitely.

We Top Men are the first line of defense against the spread of AIDS. It is our actions that determine who gets infected. If we do not use a condom during anal penetration and we have HIV, then we are endangering our partner. If our partners are infected and we pentrate them, then we expose ourselves to this deadly virus. And yes it is still deadly. We don't read as many obituaries as we once did in the papers, but even with the drugs, it does kill.

Those of us old enough have been exposed to the ugly side of AIDS through photos. Guys who are walking corpses trying to survive. You don't see that anymore. The image does not exist for gay men coming out today. They don't know the ugly side of this disease. They only know that if they get infected, they can take the coctail and live. But live how.

It should be a no brainer. Wear a fuckin condom when you are fucking. No ands or ifs when you are butt fucking. That's why baskit makes a condom holder inside their briefs. This is cool.

So when you are at a jock strap affair, line your inner side of your socks with condoms. Be prepared. There should be plenty available by the promoters. But if you have a favorite kind, then bring them and use them. Refresh your old unopened condoms that you bring with you with new ones every 6 weeks or so.

If takes practice, but let it be a sharing experience. Your partner, as part of the experience, should be putting the condom on your hardon before you enter. Keeping it hard can be a challenge, but you know your cock. With Viagra and the others, that shouldn't be a problem. Don't risk the chance of exposure, even if the other guy says he is HIV negative. Play safe and live long.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that it's better to think with your mind than with your "head". The risks of barebacking are far too great. If a top guy is worth his reputation, he would automatically think of capping his dick before penetration. Barebacking is never an option, period.