Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Pick Up

So you met his stare. It seems like an eternity. He smiles back at you. Now what. Who makes the first move?

First scenerio. You begin walking over in his direction. The bar is very crowded now. So it takes some time. You continue to look in his direction. You have to excuse yourself several times to get near him. You are thinking, "What am I going to say to him?" Several greetings come to mind. You might say, "We seemed to connect a moment ago and I wanted to say, Howdy." Or you might say, "WOOF, really glad to meet you." or maybe still, "Hi, my name is so and so."

This is a very important step in the meeting process. It is what breaks the ice. You are now initiating the come-on. You have come on to him, and you got to get this right. First impressions are lasting impressions. Don't appear too over eager. And definitely don't violate his space. His first reaction to your introduction will decide what course this places out.

So two results happen. He says, " Great to meet you." and you begin the normal chit chat. "Crowded tonight." "What are you drinking?" Or over the noise of the bar, he might say, "Got to run." or "See you around." They are nice ways of giving the brush off. Since you made the first move, you have to expect either scenerio.

Second scenerio. He makes the first move. You know that he is heading in your direction. You got time to think as well. Try to make room for him to stand next to you. You may want to greet him with a tap on the shoulder and direct your conversation close to him, since the bar is getting really loud. That first contact will decide how the rest of the night goes. Again, he made the first move, so respond accordingly.

You both like each other. You listen so that you can talk about mutual interests, Harleys, leather, clubs, etc. If this all goes well, you will both be deciding how this continues. Will it be your place or his after the bar closes? Walking out together back to your respective cars and the conversation that takes place will decide the next step. Does he or doesn't he?

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