Friday, September 24, 2004

Rants n' Raves

Thoughts I have at the moment. Enjoy at your disgression.

RANT: Seeing a hot Harley biker riding his HOG dressed in leather jacket and jeans, but wearing sneakers. AGGGH. Harley's should only be ridden with Dahners or other boots, never shoes.

RAVE: A hot male butt in tight leather jeans. Seeing a guy dressed like that always brings a smile to Daddy's face.

RANT: Too many nitwits riding cars and talking on cell phones. This isn't so bad with bikers since they tend to yak on their phones once they stopped. But to drivers in their cars, "hang up and drive".

RAVE: Common courtesy both in and out of the bar. Guys who respect the traditions of leather men follow a universal code of tolerance and respect. Sure wish everyone subscribed to these fundamentals.

Have a great day. Let me know your rants and raves.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You've tackled some pet peeves of mine. It just gets me off, and not in the way I like to get off, when I see a biker riding with sneekers. How disgusting.