Sunday, September 05, 2004

It's not just about "Me", it's all about "We"

You both are snuggly in yourbed, enjoying the Sunday morning routine of readingthe newspaper.
You look downat him, as he rests his head on your chest, reading the front page.
Oh how wonderful life is.

How did it get that way, you ask yourself?

What did I do to deserve him?

If you have been fortunate enough to ask yourself this question, you don't need to read any further. You mastered being a Top man.

If you can't relate to this,read on.

You may be now in your 40's and not in a relationship, let alone a gay marriage. You want tobe there bynow.
Yourcareer is successful. But you haven't met the right man. Why?

Maybe you aren't mature enough yet to be the Top man. You are still servicing the "Me" part of yourself without being ready to offer the "We". But how do you get there?

You practice,practice,practice. You become a better listener. You quit finding superficial faultsin guys you are dating. What you do is focus on the best feature of the guy. All guys have that best feature,that hot button, be it a sexy forehead, great ears,(yes,great ears), beautiful eyes, hot V shaped torso, great ass, legs. etc. Get beyond the Adonis stereotype. If you find yourself looking for perfection and you yourself are an out of shape slob, you are just setting yourself up for one night, hustler stands,paying for sexandenjoying it less and less.

Get that fingeraway from your cellphone. Join the top man world. Learn how to be comfortable with who you are. Get into shape. Make those pecs cushions for your partner. Get over the "me" and focus on the "we".

You're be somuch happier feeling the love and friendship of your partner. Start today. It's never to late to be a whole man.

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