Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Apprentice Boy: earning Daddy Master's gratitude

Image a 20 boy competition using both brawn and brains with the goal of becoming the Apprentice Boy. This would be a reality show on SlingTV. The object of the show would be for Daddy Master to pick the ultimate Apprentice Boy.

The boys would be divided into two teams of 10 each. Getting there,the boys would have to demonstrate their ability to serve Daddy in the usual ways. Once selected, the boys would be challenged to work together towards the final goal: pleasing Daddy.

Daddy here is a successful guy who wants to expand pleasure to other Daddys. He has developed two distinct business proposals. The first one involves setting up the ultimate call boy agency network. Team Shackle would have to develop a business strategy to establish this chain of on call boy franchises which would involve training as well as promotion. The other team, Team Sling would be challenged to develop a business plan for a chain of self dungeons called dungle jungles which would be modeled after the self storage warehouses found almost everywhere. They would be working as a team to coordinate design, insurance, promotion.

You can see that the boys have their work cut out for them. Like other shows, the boys would be video taped reacting to their challenges. They would be judged on their ability to contribute workable ideas to the group. Week by week, one boy would be eliminated from each team. But there will be twists and turns along the elimination route. Daddy would enter their play spaces at one point and make his decision. All boys would get on their knees. If Daddy is pleased, the boy would be invited to lick Daddy's boots. The boy from each team whose head is directed at Daddy's crotch would not be invited back and would be shown the door of their respective playrooms by the executor. Camera shots would zoom in on a secluded playroom where the boys will be shown being humiliated by their executors.

I will return to Apprentice Boy from time to time for updates. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up? Looking forward to future installments. This is really hot stuff. Keep it up.