Friday, September 17, 2004

His place or yours

Continuing where we left off, you are both at your respective cars. You are saying "Good night" but don't really mean it.
So it's the age old question that comes next, "Do you want to go to my place?"

This leads to certain realities. If he is shy about asking or directly volunteers that he wants to go to your place, be suspect.
Before you answer, "Ok", you might want to turn the tables. Just as an off the cuff remark, ask, 'Do you have a roommate or something?" If he volunteers quickly that he does or gives some other plausible answer, than believe him. You will catch him in a lie soon enough.

If he offers his place, say, "That's great" but you're coming to my place for breakfast". That's great if you both kind of live in commuting distance. Maybe he is from out of town and offers his hotel room. That probably would be the best place to hang your hats for the night. If all goes right, then do offer to pay for breakfast in the morning.

So say, he invites you back to his room. Since you are driving separately, he leads and you follow. You still don't know this guy very well, so do be cautious. Don't bring a wallet full of plastic or cash with you. You should never do this when you are bar hopping anyway. Carry your ID and just enough cash to get you through the night and for any emergencies or unexpected moments, like this.

Once he opens the door and lets you in, there are many scenerios. You may start tearing off each others clothes. Or one of you got to take that long piss that you've been holding for a while. He might suggest a quick shower. Now that can be the right way to start things off. Again before anything gets too heavy, discuss your HIV status. Always play safe and make sure, you as the top guy, whether he is a mutual top or not, has a condom ready for any serious action that takes place. You may both be using the showering, the lathering up for hot foreplay with more serious stuff to cum after. Anyway, a clean body does compliment a dirty mind.

You guys may skip that and go straight to the bed. That's fine too. Remember you got some quality time ahead of you, so you can take it slow or just cut to the chase. Anyway, this is the true test. Again make known your HIV status and take it from there.

The room may be getting too hot by now. Always ask if your partner wants a time out. Get him some liquids to replenish his body fluids, especially if you just sucked him dry. The next stages of sex will be all yours. So read his gestures carefully. Don't attempt methods that he isn't accustomed with. If he throws up his legs, then it is doggie style. He may like it from behind. Again how you fuck him determines if you cum out a winner at the end.

So the sex was safe and fantastic. You both fall into each other's arms and sleep peacefully.

Sure I left out other stuff that might happen. Drugs, torture, whatever. Those scenes are decided mutually before sex begins.
Don't get so involved that this occurs during sex. If you don't do drugs, tell him that. That will determine if this becomes a short night or a pleasurably long evening.

The stone is now cast. Was it everything you hoped for? Will it become another one night stand? How this plays out is a toss up. It can go either way. Only fate or a little help from the gay fairy godfather will determine the outcome.

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