Saturday, September 04, 2004

Top men heed the call

How will top men contribute to the success of gay marriage? By being the best they can be. And what is that?

For starters, gay males who are dominant must earn that distinction. It's all about pleasing your partner. How do you turn him on?

You establish your calling card. You workout religiously and sculpt a physique that is hot, desirable, and shows that you are willing to do anything to excite and ignite passion. You got to kiss passionately. This is all about the moment. Make it last. You are his rock, his solitude, his release.

So you got the look, but how about the bedside manner? You got those hairy pumped pecs. Let him nuzzle there, feel safe and secure. Let him feel wanted and desired. Give him pleasure and make him happy.

You can only give if you are satisfied. You got to listen to his wants and desires. After all, you pledged your lives together.
Make every moment feel like the first. Don't ever let the fire of desire extinguish.

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