Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cruise Control:Daddy Scan:The new TV season

So you got that dick size remote next to you. What's hot to watch this new season.

Well Manhunt is one hot show to watch on Bravo. 16 guys compete for the coveted male model prize. Other information about the contestants is sketchy at this time. However, check out for further updates. I'll keep you posted on the series with weekly updates when it begins in early October.

Rescue Me on FX, meanwhile has two hot male firefighters which are pleasing eye candy to the viewer. It has also dealt with gay issues in its own gritty fowl mouthed way. The Daddy viewer may want to show these guys who really is the hero and who is a butt ass, but it is pleasurable viewing as long as you watch it with the right frame of mind.

Of course, there is another Survivor installment, this time out, SurvivorVanatu, Islands of Fire. Nine guys are part of the 18 contestants. Again, initially, they are separated into two groups with the guys competing against the women. There are some hotties, like the FBI agent, Brady Finta and John Kenny. Who is gay is anybodies guess. There is ample opportunities for bare chest shots, so this should keep Daddy interested between playtimes.

The new hottie on the WB this season is Oliver Hudson, starring in The Mountain. Whether the plot develops into anything, twentysomethings running the families' ski lodge, is another matter. But hopefully there will be some hot tub scenes with Hudson that will amuse Daddy.

Of course, there are the usual run of reality shows. The two boxing shows, one, The Contender, is already on the air. If Daddy likes to see two brawny guys duking it out, then these may provide him with some pleasurable moments.

If all else fails, there is always time to dig out the stash of dungeon DVD's to put a smile on Daddy's face.

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Anonymous said...

I'm TIVOing Manhunt. WOOOOF.