Thursday, September 23, 2004

My Halloween Costume

Say what!!! Daddy doesn't wear a costume, he wears a uniform or a jock or breeches or Dahners. That's not a costume, it's his personna, his image, his life.

If Daddy were to wear a costume for Halloween, what would he wear? I always have my fallback, the executioner.

It is a really cool costume. Leather hood modified as a full face mask with eye holes, gauntlet, spiked jock, a leather spike armband and really tall Dahners. You certainly get notice on Halloween at the bars and after hour clubs. Somehow, guys want to know who is behind the mask. The mask allows you the freedom to have some fun. Your anonymity makes you even more erotic, more inviting. The executioner is a hot image to become on Halloween. It can scare some guys shitless. It gives you instant attention and your grunts and groans gives the appearance of the strong, silent type.

So Daddies, throw more edge into your costume on Halloween. And make some special naughty boy experience your torture chamber later. He'll be glad he did.


Anonymous said...

WOOOOF, Daddy. Can I cum to your house and stay for some treats?

Anonymous said...

Where do you live?