Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's all in the wrist action

Have you ever heard yourself saying, "I could have done it better myself."? After all, we've been masterbating longer than any other sexual activity. So who than yourself can do it better.

If you've found yourself saying that, then you need to take matters into yours and his hand, and get it right. And Practice, Practice, Practice.

Your hand is like a vise grip. It can squeeze hard, it can squeeze gently. How much grip you apply is determined by a variety of factors.

First, is his cock naturally lubricated? Does it slide effortlessly in your hand? If so, you got a prize and never lose your grip.

If his cock is less than slippery, the great lab folks at KY have some alternataives. Their new warming gel is remarkably sensual and warmly soothing. But don't get carried away. Keep a spray bottle of water at room temperature nearby to water down and wash off the lubricant. A big handful of glob can squash that moment of climax .

Hold his hand at the exact position and stroke yourself in tandem with his hand. He'll feel what you like to feel and establish a rhythm which strokes your member at the right interval. He'll appreciate the lesson because he wants to please you.

A valuable lesson learned is, When you take matters into both your hands, it's a win-win situation.

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Anonymous said...

Keeping it going, lubricant in hand, is finding the other guys tolerance to climax.
He will either be reacting verbally moaning or be the silent type and explode without warning. Either way, be prepared for the afterglow and the cleanup.