Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Random Acts of Kindness

While you may have outgrown your Boy Scout uniform, you are still that kind, thoughtful boy at heart.

So to make the world around you just a little nicer, consider these gestures.

A warm fuzzy smile costs you nothing. And what benefits it reaps. Try smiling to strangers while walking on a busy sidewalk or riding the bus or subway. Hell, if some stud catches your eye, isn't he worth a big shining grin?

How about a warm bear hug greeting next time you see an acquaintance? Be spontaneous. Hugs can be customed fitted for the recipient and occasion. They send the right message and never grow old.

Don't air kiss. It isn't becoming. This is a silly queen gesture that I wish would go away of the tiara. You're a man. Air kissing is for sissies.

A combination hug and hand shake is appropriate with someone you may not know intimately, but do want to know better. Always complete the gesture, never do it half ass. One arm must grip firmly around the receivers waist or shoulders while the other hand is extended.

ELLEN has chronicled these forms of greetings on her show. It can be hilarious getting the right greeting to work. Don't aim too high; you don't want to knock someone's eye out.

If you must kiss, do a half European. Kiss on the cheek, but peck with contact. Don't slobber, but make it count.

If you really want to go out on a limb, pick up your neighbor's mail or papers as you are heading up to your condo or apartment. If you are home and your neighbor is not and the UPS/FEDEX hunk is delivering, please be gracious and accept the package. This is an especially kind gesture this time of year when so many people have ordered holiday gifts over the Internet.

You not only are doing something meaningful, but just knowing that you have helped someone, will give you a warm feeling inside. It are these small gestures which could lead to something more meaningful. Small things have a way of producing unexpected and pleasant rewards.
Go for it. Niceness is catchy. So make an effort to spread your love today and everyday, and make your Mom and 1st grade teacher proud.

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Anonymous said...

Great advice, especially during the Holiday season.