Monday, November 01, 2004

Extra Hour in Bed

How did you spend that extra hour in bed this weekend?

I know that some of you bearmen had passionate sex, lovingly providing pleasure to your partner, making the most of the extra time. That's the way I put that extra hour to good use.

Some of you just were lazy ass and just slept that extra hour away.

Others never got that extra hour because they chose to stay up longer anyway and maybe, pursue the man hunt. I hope you guys were successful.

Whatever you did, I hope you made the most of it.

This change symbolizes more than just an extra hour in bed. The change signifies a variation in life activity for the next six months. Our environment around us will be in a different mode. There will less daylight and weather changes. We will be wearing more clothing. Our mood swings will vary. Some of us will be in hibernation mode. We will be less physically active.

Regardless it's time for change. And speaking of that, tomorrow is that first opportunity to make change. We will be voting for change. Change in this case, is a good thing. I urge you to vote for change tomorrow. The current environment for gaymen is not conducive to our quest for change. We want acceptance of our partnerships, we want equality in spousal benefits, we want to be able to live openly and without prejudice or retaliation. Change tomorrow can result in the beginning of change for us as gay bearmen. It's not something we can postpone. We have to act inorder for actions to occur.

Make change happen. And next time, I'll leave you alone to pull those covers over your head. If not, expect me to pounce on you and drag that ass of yours out of bed to face whatever life has to offer. It's your choice.

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