Thursday, November 18, 2004

Barmy Bitching

Yesterday I stumbled across a new work, Barmy.

The experts say if you want to remember a new word to incorporate in your vocabulary, you must use it.

So the word, barmy, which means, "soft in the head, crazy, stupid" will be the word du jour.

I am not a fan of rushing the holiday season. As soon as the pumpkin is cut out and the leaves have fallen, it seems that retailers are pushing the envelope to start the holiday season earlier and earlier each year. This blatent consumerism is hard to tolerate during these struggling economic times. So show constrant, men. Try to limit your list to one or two gifts and don't go overboard. You'll only have yourselves to blame when January roles around and that mountain of bills fills your mailbox.

Another barmy bitch I have is halogen head lamps. These give off a glaring white light which enables the driver to see better. Well, duh, how about the opposing car whose driver is blinded by the white light? He or she, obviously, can't see better. And it seems to be these huge SUV's which are equiped with them. Go figure. They already stand taller over regular vehicles and now they come barreling down the road beaming headlamps and blinding your vision. Another example of "hooray for me, the hell with you" mentality.

I seem to be on a roll. But why stop? What other barmy things would you like to sound off about? Feel free to post your barmys. Get it off that hairy muscle chest of yours. You'll feel better for it.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Being the owner of a small car I totally feel you pain, I hate it when a huge urban assault vehicle is behind me blinding me. But really it's not the halogen headlights fault it's the barmy bitches that don't realize you need to aim your headlights to hit the road, not the eyes of other drivers.