Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Favorite Female Vocalists: Brassy, Sassy Ladies with Golden Pipes

I've always had a fondness for female vocalists. To me, they sing lyrics that I can relate to.

Some of my absolute favorite female vocalists are Linda Ronstadt, Dusty Springfield, Norah Jones, Shelby Lynne, Anne Murray, Joss Stone, Diana Krall, and Aretha Franklin.

You've read my review of Joss Stone's latest CD. She can belt out tunes with the best of them.

Linda is a remarkable songstress. I had the pleasure of seeing her in concert twice in the past year and she can hit notes that most singers only dream about. She's awesome.

Another talented songstress is Anne Murray. I had the priviledge of seeing her perform last evening in Baltimore. I'm still groggy after the long night, but it was well worth it. With her 6 piece band and the Baltimore Symphony, she sang all her hit songs of the 60's and 70's including Snowbird and Daydream Believer. And that was the first half of the concert.

The second half was devoted to Christmas and Holiday music. Her deep lush voice is a Canadian treasure and her voice is as full and rich as ever. She is a very gracious entertainer. Since she now plays various casinos across the country, her stage presence tends to flow towards getting the audience's attention. Her charming delivery of stories, emails from her fans posted to her web site, was especially amusing.

The evening ended with an gold record award for her "Country Croonin" CD. Her label, EMI, arranged for their US representative for their easy listening music division to present her with the award. She was genuinely surprised and very pleased.

These ladies are unique unto themselves. They have given me countless hours of pure listening pleasure. I grew up listening to some of them, and now appreciate them even more.

If you're thinking about gifts for the holidays that give entertainment value, check out these special ladies for their CD's. They make great stocking stuffers. More about stuffing pleasures in future blogs. Have a great day and big bear hugs, always.


orange.paper.bike said...

holy cow, another gay man that loves anne murray!
i love her! snowbird, which i first fell in love with while she was a guest on the muppet show, and daydream believer, as well as that hit, could i have this dance that was also a hit for me when i played it for my very last piano recital, aged 14! i was more queer then than i am now, it would seem....glad to hear she is still entertaining fellow 'mos! thanks stud!

buff said...

Jim, yes she still has a great set of pipes and sings all the favs. She has a following in the gay community because she sings from the heart. Her lush voice, deep and seductive, is ever more pleasurable to listen than Harvey Fierstein's voice. It was a super concert.