Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Going it alone: Self prescribed release therapy, 24/7

Masturbation has always been a form of sex that I could always do on my own terms.
It doesn't require much prepping and it has the convenience of being on demand.

Each guy has his own way of jacking off. For me, it's plain and simple. No lubes, except for an occasional squirt of Citre Shine when I want to smell like I'm jacking off in an orange grove, no other props, just my hand and my cock.

Nipple attention is a fundamental part of stimulation. I found my nipples responsive early on.
They are really connected to my cock, a lot like spark plugs to an engine. The light brushing gets my cock stirring and at attention in seconds. What a rush. WOOOF.

Other guys I know have their own techniques. Whether it's toys, boots, instruments, dildos, etc. whatever you bring to the "party" depends on your mood. Cock rings, for some, are required accessories in the process. You have to experiment to know what feels right at that moment.
Sometimes you don't have much time to prep. Your cock really does have a mind of its own.

Guys are attached to their cocks. Some give them names. Mine was given the name, SuperSquirt, by an ex. Others have names such as Ramrod, Spurt, Soaker,LongDong, Old Faithful etc. Give him a name. He deserves recognition for being there when you need him.

Position is another fundamental part of mastrubation. Some guys love doing it squatting. Others find doing it lying back brings them to the quickest climax. Others, like myself, love doing it sitting on a bench or upright on a folding chair. Still others swear by positioning their La-z-boys in a comfortable position. Whatever works for you, go for it.

You can jack off almost everywhere. Outdoors is a cool place. The pool and hot tube also are stimulating settings to do the deed. The overwhelming water theme choice is one's own shower.
Guys today can have the feel of an outside waterfall or Amazon rainforest right in their own personal showers. I built a custom shower with optional rain forest ceiling shower head along with two shower heads one on each end. Others like sprays and jets strategically placed on various parts of the shower walls. If you got the time and money, think about upgrading your shower into something personal and refreshing. Having one shower head positioned at your cock while the other is teasing your butt crack can provide refreshing release. You're feel exhausted after the climax, but your body will be cleansed both inside and out.

I've purposely left technique to last. Again it all depends on the individual and particular mood at the moment. Some guys love to stroke their cock long and stretch the head. Others prefer to cup the balls with one hand and stroke with the other. Some like short quick strokes. Some like a combination of all of the above. Of course, if you use lubes, you know that only waterbased, water soluable kinds are the best. Some guys swear by J&J baby oil gel, others, KY, others the varieties sold online or available at circuit parties. Whatever makes you feel really good, go for it.

By taking matters in hand, you are performing the oldest form of self expression. It's personalized and it feels good.

Guys, if you have other tips to share, please comment. Your suggestions might prove helpful to other studs and who knows, you may make a j/o buddy for life.

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Anonymous said...

Very useful advice. It seems that it's all in the wrist stroke and positioning. Thanks for the tips.