Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Odds N' Ends

. . . Last week's "He's a Lady" was cool because Dan aka Giselle got booted off by the judges. Yeah. I couldn't stand that back stabbing lying bitch.

. . .Last week's "Manhunt" was particularly cruel. Pablo among 4 others got booted off. He was the hottest remaining guy, but old Kevin Peake is jealous of him. Now there are 4 left. Boohoo.

. . .There really is half a loaf of bread. A baker in the Midwest is selling a half a loaf of bread. While it costs more per ounce than a 22 ounce loaf, it is really the right size for today's bread consumers. How many times do you find yourself with four or five stale slices remaining in the loaf, and throwing it out for the birds?

. . .Have you noticed how many flu medicine commercials have hit the airwaves in the last week replacing the political ads? I think that the flu vaccine shortage was a conspiracy by the drug manufacturers to hawk their products.

. . .Being sweeps month, there seems to be a more than usual amount of barechested beefcake being displayed on the airwaves. Did you catch the two part, Crossing Jordan/Las Vegas shows on Sunday and Monday? Viewers got a treat seeing Jerry O'Connell's bare chest several times as well as that hunky Josh Duhamel. How about those two stun gun scenes. I realize that some of you already have had that experience during playtime. Sweeps can be both informative and arousing.

. . . Finally, guys, remember to sterilize that turkey baster you've been keeping in your toy chest. Thanksgiving is coming and you may need it to baste your turkey. Guys, what you do after eating Thanksgiving dinner is your own business.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the eye candy. I'm sure there'll be more to watch.