Saturday, November 06, 2004

Nifty Fiftieth

No guys, it isn't my birthday. I'm not 50 yet.

But I'm celebrating a milepost in personal blog history. This is my fiftieth blog.

I feel liberated and satisfied that I have achieved this accomplishment.

Looking back, I would admit that it is somewhat harder than I thought it would be.
Doing this, meeting a self imposed deadline, picking a topic, all of these actions have shown me that I have what it takes to write something constructive, meaningful and hopefully helpful to the reader.

I have shared what I thought are important issues in male relationships. I will continue that theme, sprinkling along the way, some humor, some pain and hopefully some gain.

I feel that I must celebrate the critical importance of the top man in the relationship. It rests on his shoulders and with his cock to provide the emotional stability, maturity and excitement of this ride through life.

Hop on my Harley and I'll take you down that road. We'll continue to explore what makes gay male relationships work and not work. We'll also celebrate the hairy beast in all of us. Musclebears, musclecubs, bearmen, daddies will continue to be featured.

Feel free to comment. I would like to hear your own personal experiences, be it as a top man or a bottom bear. Mor importantly, what do you find exciting about your role and what do you find challenging?

Together we can learn how to get it right from the start. Younger daddies and cubs don't have to reinvent the wheel. That's why the Gay God invented the buddy blog. He wants us to open up, learn from each other, be supportive of each other and love each other as true bear brothers.

We, as gay men, have been let down this past week by hatred, bigotry and lies. But we will continue the fight. We have the power, the financial resources and the time to win our fair share of the rights married couples have under the American legal system. How we chose to use that power and get the message out will decide our fate.

Our gentleness as gaymen and especially, bearmen may be the silent force that wins the other side over. Bitchiness can get our cause noticed, but it can also be destructful. So let's get off our butts, unite and get our relationships, our lives recognized. We can't let someone else dictate our future. We owe it to ourselves and to the gaymen who are yet to discover their sexuality.
We will make this happen, together, provided we get our own house in order, first.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I find your posts both informative and funny. Keep it up.

Klubyou Taunt said...

hey OMG u r like sooooo absoultely SEXY. fuck Icy...send some woofs and love my way. i want some of that bear hug too. jk. X, Sherockia, Munch and I just returned from NYC and i should hopefully be posting soon. Spoke to Icy on the phone today, he said he just had sex on some dude's harley the other night in the woods. I guess he will tell me more later but i think its cool because seems like you ride a bike too. YAY!!!