Friday, November 19, 2004


No, this isn't some screem headline from the National Enquirer. reports that a Bulgarian farmer has gone to court to demand substantial dmaages after claiming the prize-winning pedigree pig he bought from a breeder is gay.

The farmer told the court "It's a disgrace, all he is interested in are other male pigs." The farmer took incriminating photos of the pig.

Well, fellow gay pigs, be you potbellies or bearded, we have to come to the rescue of our fellow pig.

He shouldn't have to be treated this way. Just because he's an overachiever and likes other males, he should be able to live his life in dignity.

I haven't read his fate. But I hope some gay farm couple adopts him.

This being the season that gay leather/biker clubs raise money for good causes, I urge the clubs to consider financially adopting our guy. Pigs have feelings too.

So let's rally around our fellow pig. Let him know that he is cared for and loved.

Guys, I'm really serious about this. I'm hoping that some enterprising bearman can raise some money to help take care of our brother in his time of need. Think of the commercial possibilities, pig cards, posters, the pig pen's the limit. Let's harness our resources and make this happen.

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Anonymous said...

Let's remember all our gay pigs during the Holiday season. We're in this together.