Monday, November 22, 2004

Hunter gets captured in the "Manhunt" Gaymes

I know guys, this is old info. I seem to be getting behind in my reports about Manhunt. I guess I am losing interest and Kevin Peake is really trying my patience, man boobs and all.

I liked Hunter. Being one of us, I found an attraction. This sort of mixed up kid really exposed himself in the latest installment.

He bumped and grinded with the best of them. His gay strip bar experience was paying off, a little too much so.

So Hunter got eliminated mainly because of his exuberence. Since that taping, I'm sure he's gotten plenty of offers of work. I'm not worried that much about our stud boy. He's a survivor.

I see Playgirl in this future and International Male and Undergear modeling gigs. Unfortunately, we'll be seeing even more of Peake as long as we continue to get IM and Undergear catalogs. Ugh.

On a lighter note, I had the opportunity to travel to the DC Eagle over the weekend and have some fun during the Mr. DC Eagle contest. Manboobs and flexed pecs played a big part in picking the new Mr. DC Eagle. Nice hairy pecs and a great personality should take him far at IML. Congratulations.

You men will always be studs to me. Make everyday great. Big hairy muscle hugs. Love ya.

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