Saturday, November 13, 2004

Obsessive Possessive

Guys like to acquire things. Some guys have a wardrobe full of shoes, boots, and leather.
Other guys collect watches, sunglasses, friendship pins.
Other guys collect conquests. They never get enough of sex and men.

Collecting is both good and bad. You got to know when you've collected your limit.

Having stuff never proved to make a guy happy. It's quality and not necessarily quantity.

So your toybox is full of fun stuff. You have the latest computer games like Halo. You got yet again some 3rd row tickets for another Cher farewell concert. You got the latest IM knit or Undergear brief. Is all this acquisition making you any happier?

We approach another self indulging season, the Holidays.

After this past election, we shouldn't drown in our sorrow by acquiring even more stuff.

Cherish what you have. We aren't on this Earth forever. Make the most of small things. Value life, love, and good health. Make the world better, one day at a time.

Not only material goods can make you feel good, if only temporarily. Be good to your self by being a better person to others. You are a stud. Let others know what it's like to be with a stud.

It's not about how large your toy box is. It's all about you use the toys you have. Use them wisely and you will enjoy life as it's meant to be. Love conquers all. So make love, not trips to the mall. Be happy and prosper.

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