Thursday, November 04, 2004

Logical Persuasion or How to effectively get the Wool pulled over your eyes

Seems like most voters on Tuesday had this done to them.

They voted to keep the status quo, without really knowing what they were voting for.

So the Shrub camp succeeded where as the Kerry campaign fell a little short.

I can't blame the Kerry/Edwards campaign. They sounded the right themes and tried to steer the electorate to consider change and new leadership.

Voters were hoodwinked. I don't have a better term to describe it.

They want to follow a course of action against terrorism which spends money without limitations.

They can't seem to recognize or want to recognize the broader picture. A strong America includes everyone.

So they were bamboozled and all of us will pay for their actions.

They feel for the line: Keep the status quo and everything will be ok.

But it will not be ok. Inflation and a sputtering economy will continue. Terrorist threats will continue. The war in Iraq will continue. Sounds like more of a bad thing to me.

We, as a country, by keeping the bums in office, will be reaping what we sow, discontentent and misdirection.

We have 3 years and 363 days to correct the situation. Next time, things will be different, I promise.

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hey there top man!

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