Monday, November 08, 2004

Cher Chugs Along

Like the Energizer bunny, Cher's Farewell Tour, now dubbed, the "Never Can Say Goodbye" tour marches on.

The tour began in June 2002 and will now extend into 2005. It is planned to end in Brisbane, Australia in March, 2005, a few months before Cher turns 59 years old.

The tour has stopped almost everywhere in the US that has a 10,000 plus size area. Red country, blue country, it doesn't matter. Cher appeals to all.

The tour will be returning to some cities for the third time, thanks to the NHL lockout. Her tour has become a finanical blessing for those arena operators who have to fill prime weekend dates.

Her appeal as an ageless diva lends hope to all of us. She brings her "I can do anything" attitude to the masses. Her message is universal, good songs and showmanship. She is what Liberace had always hoped to be, a real diva, but with more flair, more glitz, and no pretending.

Perhaps, her formula should be used to win over the masses to gay marriage. By example, Cher epitomizes gay society. She has a lesbian daughter; she cares about how she looks; she loves drama: and she looks stunning in white as well as black leather. So maybe we should be more like Cher.

Before I get too carried away, another living legend, Linda Ronstadt finally releases her new CD, "Hummin to Myself" this Tuesday. To Linda's fans, this could not have come at a better time.
While Cher is more low keyed (Cher and low keyed, in one sentence, Ugh!!!) in her politics, Linda has been known never to be shy about being a liberal Democrat. And this, if you have been reading over the summer, has gotten her into some delicate situations. Maybe a combined Linda and Cher tour could be the catalyst for getting out the gay marriage vote. Desparate times deserve taking desparate measures.

So remember to buy Linda's latest CD and enjoy this vocalist at her very best.

Let me leave you with big hairy muscle hugs to start the new work week. You look marvelous.

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