Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Kaizen: Streamline Your Life

As we approach the holidays, there seems to be this human desire to acquire everything in site.
We tend to stuff ourselves silly around the holiday table. We need self control.

I've found that Kaizen is the key to self control and life organization.

Its principals are simple. Follow the 5 s's and become a better organized person.

SORT: Eliminate everything not required.
This can mean a number of things. Stuff laying around the house that you no longer need or use.
Recycle these things. Give them new homes.
It can also mean nonmaterial things like hangups and no longer relevant friends and boyfriends.

SET IN ORDER: efficient placement and arrangement.
For instance, in your kitchen, where is the upper dish cabinet located? If it's located above the dishwasher, then it is easier to unload the dishwasher and place these items above. Also the glassware should be conveniently located nearby, next to the sink.
Likewise you can apply this to your leathers and uniforms. Have the complete outfit located together, with the corresponding hat on the shelf directly above the hung uniform or leather.
The boots, of course, should be positioned below the leather/uniform.

SHINE: Tidiness. This is the key to efficiency and maintaining order. Every thing has a place.
Assign it that place. This goes for both animate and inanimate objects. Your favorite CD's and DVD's should be in cubies arranged with their title side facing you. They shouldn't be haphazardly placed on the shelf or slanting.

STANDARDIZE: You have to keep things simple. You don't need six nearly empty bottles of shampoo lying around the shower area. Consolidate and integrate.

SUSTAIN: Always follow the first four. Assess your situation and apply these principals when necessary.

Allow yourself the pleasure of following a system that works. It keeps you orderly and hell, you'll never have to need the Fab Five barging into your home and slicing and dicing your life.

Let me know how this works for you. And if you need any help, I might show up at your door sometime booted and jockstraped with a big smile carrying my tools of the trade for a successful Kaizen makeover, daddy style.

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