Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Where Would You Like to GO on a 1st Date?

In the age of cyberspace, a lot of gay men hook-up over the Net. Always a word of caution, when deciding your first rendezvous point, never suggest your place or his. It is always better to meet in a neutral place. But where?

If you have been going hot and heavy with him in chat rooms, etc, then you may want to meet at a place where you can continue your conversations. Restaurants are always good places to meet. You'll have to decide about the atmosphere, casual or classy. You'll want a place where the both of you can make googly eyes at each other and can hear each other in conversation.

But I wouldn't rule out concerts except for Cher concerts, sporting events, matches, or even a place like the public library or museum. These places can be barometers in deciding if he is really the man of your dreams or just a one night stand.

For those of us who had plenty of first dates, I, for one, always bought roses or other flowers to give to him when we first met. It always broke the ice, no matter the venue. And I kissed him first as I gave him the flowers. That approach always seemed to work. While the relationships sometimes didn't last much longer than the flowers, I did make a very good first impression.
I always felt since I was the one to walk away, I always did so knowing that I gave it my best shot.

So guys, if you have other suggestions about places to go on first dates, let it rip. There are a lot of young guys out there in cyberspace who don't have a clue about going about arranging and carrying out a first date. Your expert advice will help them a lot. That's why we're here in the first place, to help.


cola boy said...

Very sage advice, stud. You ahve to be careful with those you meet on the Internet.

no milk said...

i don't think of meeting people from the internet for the first time as a date, therefore, my policy is always over coffee. people may not knowingly misrepresent themselves, but they do. plus, you don't know what kind of psycho you may end up meeting who will stalk you.

but for a REAL first date, i would always suggest a small, quiet, cheaper neighborhood place, so that the focus is on the date and not on anything else distracting. good luck.

Scott said...

I don't care how much you have talked to a person on line, or even on the phone. If you have never met them in person you really don't know what they are like, hence you can't really have a first date. My policy is always coffee first. Cause then if they turn out to be a freak you can easy get escape. If he rocks, well then you can extend the meeting to a date and go do something else.

Cement Brunette said...

Hate to say it, but I've grown to dislike dates. There are all of these romantic expecations. I prefer to get the sex part out of the way immediately and once the sex has been assessed, I can then think about going out on a proper date. If I don't have sex with the person right away we start becoming chummy friends and then the sex is either off-limits or just plain not-as-hot.

Leonard said...

I've never been into the chatroom thing for sex but years ago (when it was a novelty) it was a great way to meet people for friends, but I recently tried Yahoo chatrooms and it's all spam and ads, what did happen to the chatrooms? I've met one good friend in a chatroom (no, didn't sleep with him lol) and being new here in Sactown, it would be nice to meet new people. Any ideas on chats?? ;-) peace