Monday, January 10, 2005

Gay Tibits and Beef Tips

ITEM: Susan Sontag, the famous feminist writer, died recently. The gay press is pointing out that her "official" obituary never mentioned her several female lovers and the fact that she was bisexual. Gay editorials are blasting the mainstream press for hiding yet another famous literary figure who was gay in life but straight in death.

I guess outing a person in death doesn't sound particularly appropriate to some in the mass media. But there is substantial documentation quoting the author that she was indeed, a lesbian.

ITEM: You recall in a past blog my writing about Johnny Rahm, the porn star who was down on his luck and who committed suicide last year. Now Gus Mattox, a hot porn star, is chiming in on the controversey. Gus had been a highly successful member of the Falcon Studio porn men. He left Falcon and is now an independent porn actor, among other pursuits. He commands higher pay for his work, though he admits, porn work hasn't been steady lately.

Gus admits that it would be nice for gay porn stars and other actors in the porn industry to get residual payments for past work. But as he kindly reminds the reader, residuals aren't contained in their contracts and in his opinion, never will be.

So until this changes, we will be reading more about gay porn actors committing suicide in the future. If you'd like to read Gus's comments, click on:

Hoping everyone had a great weekend. Some of us played in the snow while others cuddled by the fire. Keep it warm, cozy and always hard.


Greg said...

That stinks on both counts. The mainstream press should be called the "Whitewshed Press" for its portrayal of all GLBTQ people. Second, I always thought that gay porn stars led such a fantastic life, then I look in the back of Frontiers magazine, and I recognize many of the escort ads from videos and stills and websites. They should be getting residuals for DVDs, VHS, calendars, etc. It's their bodies that are on display.

Cement Brunette said...

Re: porn stars. This has always been the case. Porn stars have always made their money from escorting and not from films. The films are pretty much just advertising for them. Of course, the more popular ones like Jason Branch and Michael Brandon can charge a hell of a lot more for escorting because they are bigger stars. Let's just hope they actually invest some of that and aren't just sticking it up their noses. And sure, there are a number of porn stars that don't escort, but some of them have other jobs/interests/means of income than just sex. You have to admit that it is glamourous on some level, though-- I mean don't we all want to secretly be in a real porn film at least once?

Anonymous said...

there was an opinion piece about how major news outlets failed to recognize Susan's lesbianism as a major gaffe in our little ole upstate NY paper. it was quite scathing and fairly progre4ssive for our paper which seems to be a bit too on the conservative side for my tastes.


buff said...

Thanks guys for all your comments. I agree that the truth should have been written about Susan Sontag's sexual preferences. It was the call of the obit writers and their editorial bosses, but the right call should have been made.
About the gay porn industry, success cums to the individual who knows what to do with his earnings. Most blow their wads as they blow away their income.
But the thrill remains. I agree, that most of us have that pent up desire to be porn studs as well. But on second look, we realize that we have it much better off being who we are and doing what we do for a living.