Wednesday, January 12, 2005

To Moon or Not To Moon, A delicious dilemma that usually brings a smile to many gay men

As you may have read or heard by now, a Minnesota Viking player "mooned" the end zone crowd at Lambeau Field in Green Bay over the weekend. He simulated a moon. Hell, it was fuckin too cold to pull down his tights and long johns to really do it.

Intentionally or unintentionally, mooning has been part of our exhibitionist culture. When I mount my Harley barebutt, I am unintentionally mooning. You see intentional mooning all the time at Gay Pride events and parades. It always gets the crowd going. After all, a great butt sometimes needs air to breathe. Ha, Ha.

Adolescent male fans have been doing this since the 60's I assume to shock opposing players at sporting events, be it football, soccer, whatever the contact or team sport. It does get everyone's attention if only for a brief period.

I can't see all the fuss. Mooning is something that sends a message. It can be an icebreaker and it does no harm. It is definitely a come on and to some, a symbol of bad taste. But hell, a nice butt is something to behold. If you have gone to any movies lately, the male ass has been prominently displayed.

On another note, I have just stumbled upon a news item from A&E cable. A made for cable movie, "Gays on Strike" will begin production shortly for airing on that network. It is described as a comedic telefim about gay marriage. Quoting the source, ""gays on Strike" will focus on a young gay couple who accidently start a strike joined by everyh gay person in America and become poster children for gay marriage." Sounds like a great avenue to promote our cause in a purely light hearted way.

Speaking of hearts, it is never too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day. I will be sharing some ideas in future blogs for you guys to heat up your VD celebrations. Stay tuned.


cola boy said...

Mmmmm...nothing like a nice, firm, ass in your hands. ;-)

Cement Brunette said...

Gay Strike! Love it. It's like an Atlas Shrugged for homos.

Greg said...

RE: Mooning

Every spring, a group of residents in San Juan Capistrano, CA, gather near the Amtrak station and moon the trains as they pass. Last yeaer, people on the train mooned back. And only some of them were gay. Go figure!

Becky said...

Hi there - thanks for stopping by my page and commenting on 24. I, too, think Chloe is not as annoying as last season, though I wish they would've kept Michelle or Tony as Jack's "insider" into CTU.

buff said...

Mooning knows no sexual identity or age. I guess it's an all-American past time.