Thursday, January 13, 2005

Queer Eye has a sibling spin off

Before I review the newest version of Queer Eye, called "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl", I'd like to comment on the new "Queer Eye" where the Fab 5 help a soldier get ready for his tour in Iraq.

The Fab Five definitely needed several boxes of tissue for this one. Several times the camera caught the guys teary eyed and almost openly weeping. They all seemed to be quite touched in helping Ray and his new bride and their child create both a home and a living memory while he was stationed in the war zone.

This has to have been the most expensive QE ever. They had previously done a wedding, but never a whole home makeover and a wedding. The guys pulled everything they had. Glad to see that Ray didn't have to bother about cooking. Everything was taken care of by the Fab 5.
In the grooming department, they deemphasized "product" for a change and that was refreshing.

This episode was upbeat and touching. It climaxed with the wedding. A perfect way to end the start of the first new episode of the New Year.

Not to be outdone, QE has spun off a sibling, "QE for the Straight Girl", a kind of ladies night out.
Here we got four experts, 3 gay dudes and a lesbian. Each has a task. Robbie Laughlin, "the look", Danny Teeson, "the life", Damon Pease, "the locale" and Honey Labrador "the Lady".
All seemed to work their magic on their first "victim", Nicole, who was celebrating her 30th birthday relucantly, and needed some makeover help in her life. The shows stars interacted well, but not in a whiney way. They indeed helped Nicole to overcome her big 3 oh in style.


cola boy said...

A group of us watched the QE Soldier special. We were trying to figure out WHY Jai looked so different. We thought he may have had Botox - he looked eternally surprised. Of course, when watching this show with two gay men, 1 straight man, 2 lesbians, and one wild-and-raunchy straight lady you can imagine the quips and bitchy comments flying around the living room. Kind of like Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the gay/gay-friendly crowd.

Randy said...

Oye vey! I was really hoping that the QE spin off would be as exciting and fun as the first. Unfortunately, I was sadly disappointed. Maybe because it was the first show and I am not use to the new characters, but I felt it was way too campy. None of the characters seemed to have their own personality. They all seemed to be competing for air time and getting cute little gay comments in. I was especially annoyed when the REALLY gay guy downed a twinkie. I thought that was very tacky.

I thought their first makeover person was a bore too.

And, when I saw what they did to her house, I was like...that's it? It was purple and ugly. When Thom (from the regular QE) does a home makeover, I always find myself saying, "Wow! It's amazing or beautiful". But, the makeover person on this show needs some tips from Thom...some serious tips.

So, I'll give it a couple more episodes, but I don't think it's looking good for the Queer Eye for the Straight Girl.