Friday, January 21, 2005

Mad Dogs and Other Species

Well, it's the day after. Not much on my mind except getting even.

Some items of note. Read where Felipe Rose, the Native American part of the Village People, donated his gold 1978 record of "YMCA" to the National Museum of the American Indian recently. Rose, who is half Lakota Sious, wore an Indian costume to the presentation. But for now, the gold record isn't on display but in storage, hopefully for a future display. If you ever happen to visit Washington DC for a protest or travel in the future, check this museum out.
The outside is fantastic. It reminds you of a sweeping side of a canyon. The building is covered with beautiful sandstone and is quite different from other buildings on the National Mall.

Also have been following the North American International Auto Show in Detroit which winds up another great show this weekend. While it is a little light on concept cars this year, Chrysler Corporation is unveiling 5 new models for 2006. A really cool car is the 4 door rear wheel drive Dodge Charger sedan. WOOOF. This car is totally cool and a real eye catcher. Also the Jeep lineup gets beefed up with a third row SUV called the Commander. It takes its styling clues from the Jeep Grand Cherokee and really looks fine. Of course if you prefer big ass trucks, the Dodge Ram doesn't disappoint. Now they have added to the lineup a Mega cab which I find out has to take two curb side parking spaces just to fit. I call that a Monster Truck.

Don't know if any of you guys will be attending Pantheon of Leather this year, President's weekend in Chicago. I haven't been there for a while and can't go this year, but if any of you are planning to attend, please let me know and comment on the events when you get back. Always some hot kinky activities there like International Mr. Saliva and the Cell Block Leatherman 2005 contest. I hear that a documentary, "My Leather Jacket II" will also be premiered there. Again the highlight is Mr. Olympus Leather 2005. That should be HOT.

For those of us in wintry climates, stay warm, snuggle up and give BIG Hairy Muscle hugs whenever you can.

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