Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kinsey is a powerful flick and Peter Saarsgard is sizzling as one of Kinsey's assistants

Kinsey made gay sex acknowledged to the general public. He is the pioneer in recording sexual activity in the US. His various publications recognized that adults practiced more than such "regular" sex. He's the granddaddy to us daddies in terms of recognizing the patterns and practice of gay sex.

The movie accurately portrayed the literature about Kinsey. He himself was a bisexual and because of that, he was able to understand gay sex. The film did not shy away from showing various forms of sex. It should be the standard by which an introduction to sexual behavior is taught.

To us gay men, there are important scenes early on in the film. The most stimulating and lush scene is the movie evolves around Peter Saarsgard's character. He seduces Kinsey into passionate kissing. Peter has a hot bod and shows full frontal several times in the film. He is a fine actor also. So he's not just another pretty face with a great ass and furry chest. I'm surprised that naked shots of him aren't floating around the net by now. WOOF.

A touching moment at the end of the movie is a cameo by Lynn Redgrave who thanks Kinsey for his work about female sex. She found out that she was a lesbian and has found love after being married for many years and a mother. Remember the story continues into the 1950's when sex really wasn't discussed. But by the results of Kinsey's studies, it sure was practiced.

I give this flick 4 very hairy muscle hugs out of 4. It's a movie any top daddy must see.

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Cement Brunette said...

One of the most interesting and well-written nonfiction reads I've ever read was "What Wild Ecstasy: The Rise and Fall of the Sexual Revolution." It covers a whole lot of stuff, but spends a lot of time on Kinsey ad his work which really laid the foundation for subsequent generations of people to explore and awaken sexuality on so many levels. I highly recommend it. I swear you'll learn stuff you never knew-- like how that chick from Deep Throat taught Sammy Davis Jr. how to deep throat cock.