Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Very Sad Day Tomorrow

We blue guys have one last indignation to face tomorrow, January 20th.

The jerk that was reselected will be sworn in as President of our United States.

We know that the next time the course of events will be in our favor. That's why we have to muster all our strength in numbers to make ourselves heard and our message taken to heart.

Gay men united can pull this off. We want to be able to marry who we want and have the same legal protections under marriage and other protections that straights have. I still think that being equal isn't asking much.

So a moment of silence tomorrow and any other appropriate gesture you wish to make would be most appropriate to show our disfavor during the swearing in by his Chief Justice croany.

All it takes for us is to continue to work hard for change. Together, getting the attention of those in high office who are sympathetic to our cause is the best course of action. This has to be grass roots through the local and state process. Emailing, volunteering time and even money to gay groups you feel can make a difference lobbying our concerns are actions we all can take to get our message across.

We can get through this together. Let's remember, we fought the good cause. But having failed, we're going to fight even harder to achieve what we should have always had, the right to marry.

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