Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Kevin Spacey gives a once in a lifetime performance as Bobby Darin in "Beyond the Sea"

During my hiatus from writing this blog, I took in some super flicks during the holidays.

I'll share several of my reviews today and in future blogs.

Our buddy, Kevin Spacey, is so out there as Bobby Darin. If you have seen the film or read about it, he gives the drag performance that only he can.

He gets so into the character. He sings, dances, and is, Bobby Darin.

He also gets some hot hunks to play supporting characters. The publicity man is especially hot.

You can tell from just watching that Kevin really enjoyed himself.

The story is told just like was done in the muscial movie, "Chicago", and it works really well.
Young Bobby Darin is played by a kid actor who is really good. You see the young Bobby interacting with the older Bobby.

The movie really moves and is always interesting.

Another great pic that I saw was Johnny Depp in "Finding Neverland". Here, Depp portrays the author of Peter Pan, James Barrie. Johnny is also in his element here. He is a very good actor, and again, he takes the character into himself and gives a very believable, heartwarming performance.

I give both flicks three very hairy muscle hugs out of a possible four.


Cement Brunette said...

My mom really wants to see this which makes me not exactly run to the theater. Plus, it got panned big time in the San Francisco Chronicle. They said that Kline's performance (especially the singing) was embarassing.

Celcius said...

Charming Man, I believe you are thinking of De-Lovely with Kevin Kline

Cement Brunette said...

Oops. I got my Kevins mixed up. I meant "Spacey's" performance in my comment. I did, however, see De-Lovely on the plane to NZ and I thought it was somewhat dull, although it did bring back fond memories which I won't bother getting into in this comment.