Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Keeping It Hot Both Beneath and On Top the Sheets

Given the New Year is upon us, you find guys making resolutions to live better lives during this year.

We've all made such resolutions. Losing weight, gaining more definition, reading more, fucking more, etc. These are all well in good and if you made any of them, I am here to support you.

One great way to improve your sex life and that of your partner's is being more responsive in bed.

I find lots of foreplay and giving the other guy the attention he deserves the best way to heat it up in bed.

One particular move you can make early as the two of you are lying in bed is to lay on your side next to him. If he's not already in that position, just pull his shoulder to you. The contour of your body, cock behind his ass, should be parallel to his. Use your facial hair to stimulate the back of his neck. Use your available arm to grip his shoulder. Use your chest fur in contact with his back. Position your throbbing cock gently inside his butt crack and use your leg closest to him to wrap them around his, almost in a lock position. He can be very submissive at this point or be very aggressive trying to break your hold over his body. His response sets the stage for the next moves.

A particular move I also like to make is to get behind the guy while he is either standing up or sitting on the bed. You have to do this quickly. The element of surprise makes the next several seconds particularly erotic. Again you press your hairy chest towards his back as you grip around his waist. If he loves nipple play, you can then extend your hand fingers to caress each nipple. At the same time, your cock his knocking on his back door. You can then move your arms toward his cock area. By then, it is fully erect. You can take it from there.

I hope these techniques are something you can use next time the occasion arises. Keep it hot and woofy. And never forget those big hairy muscle hugs to end the session.


orange.paper.bike said...

oh sure, i had to read this on a night when i am home alone, dangit! now i gotta go take care o' my own bizness! but thanks for the hot fantasy and stimulation just by reading it...keep on fuckin'!

buff said...

Sorry Jim about your temporary situation. I know that won't last long. You took matters into your hand and that, sometimes, is the best way. WOOOF.