Thursday, January 27, 2005

Gay Architect Philip Johnson Dead at 98 years old

Sadly but not unexpected Philip Johnson, the renown architect, passed away early yesterday.

Philip Johnson was responsible for many of the breathtaking architecture including the Crystal Cathedral in California, the AT&T Building in Manhattan, the theaters at both Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the New York State Theater, and of course, the Glass House, where he lived in Connecticut.

His career took various twists and turns and into his 90's, he was always developing fresh insights and ideas about architecture. He was the principal spokesperson for the current architectural movement of Frank Gehrey and others.

His sexuality, I believe, helped in his creative process. He lived a long life and was proud of who he was. He gave back to the community, designing the Cathedral of Hope, the largest gay and lesbian church in the world in Dallas, Texas.

Icons such as Philip Johnson and Quentin Crisp lived to ripe old ages. It goes to show that being old and gay can be a wonderful experience. Check out for bios of other famous gay men and lesbians. We are definitely out there. But just think how large this directory would be if the rest of important gay men and lesbians would come out of the closet.

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